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I have recently re evaluate my career goals and through this process I needed to create a curriculum vitae (CV). After working for over 19 years I realised that I had never before had the occasion to prepare a CV and further was a little lost on where to start. I have employed many people over the years in my various roles and reviewed many CV’s of all shapes and variations but even with this knowledge I found myself looking at a blank page thinking “what now”?

When scanning the Internet for examples I failed to find any great examples on how I should construct my CV and why. So, I have prepared a CV template to share with you should you need some ideas on where to get started. I am not an expert by any means, nor claim to be but the template might just help someone get started so rather than filing it away until next I need to update or review the CV, I thought I would share it.

The template has been drafted to include views of both an employer and a employment recruitment consultant. I didn’t know where to start but some very good friends have given me advice and assistance (one a director of HR for a multinational company and another, a leading consultant at a prominent executive recruitment agency) and in return I now put this template out there for others who may be in a similar position.

Aside from actually writing up your CV I suppose the other thing to remember is to constantly update it. While you are working take note of your achievements, securing a large client, solving a business problem, creating an efficiency, completing a course of study, whatever it is, make a note on it and once every couple of months open up your CV and make sure your achievements make their way into your CV.

I hope you find the template helpful and if you have any suggested improvements by all means let me know.

Curriculum Vitae Template (Word Document 97-2003 .doc format)

If you find this a helpful resource by all means leave a comment or send a link to a friend.